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CIRS Group Launches ChemRadar – a One-Stop Search Tool for Chemical Compliance Information in the APAC Region

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Enterprises face significant challenges in chemical compliance due to the frequent updates of chemical regulations and the numerous regulatory lists issued by different authorities, particularly in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

To help chemical companies better understand these regulations, their compliance risks and regulatory obligations in APAC countries, the CIRS Group has developed ChemRadar, which integrates our existing Asia-Pacific Chemical Inventory Search System (APCISS) tool and provides some useful new features. On August 18, we are pleased to officially launch this free-to-use tool! 

You can visit ChemRadar and find out more here: 

As a simple and powerful search tool for retrieving chemical compliance information, ChemRadar is designed to identify compliance risks and provide regulatory obligation analysis on chemicals. Its main functions and features are listed below.

Main Functions and Features

  • ChemRadar includes over 80 chemical regulatory lists and four powerful search tools: Asia-Pacific Chemical Inventory Search, GHS Classification Search, UN Number Search, and China New Chemical Substance Search.
  • Asia-Pacific Chemical Inventory Search allows users to input CAS numbers or substance names to obtain regulatory information such as listing status, alerts, and regulatory obligation analysis.
  • UN Number Search supports users in searching corresponding transport labels, hazard classes, and packing groups for dangerous goods (DG) transport by sea, road, and air simply by inputting a UN number.
  • GHS Classification Search enables users to obtain and compare mandatory or recommended official GHS classifications (H code, Hazard class, and Pictogram) for chemical substances in different countries and regions.
  • China New Chemical Substance Search allows users to search all registered new chemical substances in China (including those registered under MEP Order 7 and MEE Order 12), their registration types, and applicants/agents.
  • After free registration, ChemRadar users can utilize the One-Click Alert function to obtain a quick overview of compliance risks and identify things that need to be done to achieve compliance.
  • ChemRadar is regularly updated to keep its content accurate and up to date.

Prior to the official launch, we invited industry experts to test ChemRadar and integrated their feedback to optimize the product. At the CIRS Group we are committed to providing high-quality content and services, to enrich user experience and satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

You can click here to try the simple and powerful ChemRadar.


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