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CIRS Invited to Attend the 14th China International Semiconductor Expo & Summit

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The 14th China International Semiconductor Expo & Summit has been held successfully at Shanghai during November 8-10, 2016. This year’s summit mainly focused on semiconductor materials challenges in &out of China, and sharing firsthand technologies, regulations and market dynamics in semiconductor industry. At the invitation of CMC (The Critical Material Council), Eric Xiong, head of CIRS industrial chemical sector, attended this annual CMC meeting.

In this summit, experts from Texas Instruments, Air Liquide and INTEL delivered speeches on the developing semiconductor materials supply chain in China and its impact on the world. CIRS gave presentations on Chemical Management in China and Practical Advice for Semi-Conduct Materials. During the panel discussion session, Mr. Xiong also introduced the status quo of semiconductor industry, analyzed the different obligations upstream &downstream enterprises should carry out in the supply chain.

Note: CMC, The Critical Material Council, is a semiconductor technology alliance established in early 1990’s. It actively works to identify issues surrounding the supply, availability, accessibility, or lack thereof, of semiconductor process materials, current and emerging, also known as “Critical Materials”. Its corporate members include INTEL, SEMATECH, CYPRESS, GLOBAL FOUNDRIES, INFINEON, NXP, QORVO, etc. Next year’s summit is scheduled on May 11-12, 2017 in Dallas, Texas.


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