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Commodity Pre-Classification for Chemicals (HS Code)

HS Code is also known as Harmonized System (HS) Commodity Code. It is used by customs authorities around the world to identify products for the assessing duties and taxes. Before your export or import your products to China, it is strongly recommended that you carry out commodity pre-classification to determine the HS codes, tariff rates, CIQ inspection and quarantine supervision requirements and pre-market approval requirements for customs clearance. Using incorrect HS codes for customs declaration may result in delays in customs clearances, shipments seized and substantial fines.

China joined the HS Harmonized System on 1 Jan 1992. From 1 Aug 2018, the China Customs Commodity HS Code has been changed from previous 10-digit HS code to new 13-digit HS code. Our commodity pre-classification service can provide you with the latest 13-digit HS code, which can be used for both identification of customs clearance requirements and customs declaration.

Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Commodity Pre-Classification (HS Code);
  • Chinese GHS SDSs and labels;
  • Customs declaration and customs clearance;