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ECHA Reminds Companies to Review Registrations Transferred from the UK

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With the transfers of registration have now been completed, more than 8 000 UK-based registrations have been successfully transferred to companies in the EU, EEA or Northern Ireland. Safety information may need to be reviewed and updated if needed.

If an update is required, registrants have up to three months to update administrative information or up to six, nine or twelve months for more complex updates. These timelines have been clarified in the Commission’s Implementing Regulation on dossier updates. The obligation to update applies to REACH registrations and previously notified substances (NONS) under the Dangerous Substances Directive.

All information in a registration dossier is checked for completeness, whether it is newly submitted or was already previously included in the registration. Since March 2021, ECHA also checks the completeness of the chemical safety reports.

Information on how to update a registration dossier is available on ECHA’s website.

Now that the transfer of all registrations has been completed, 2 964 UK-registrations were not transferred, and are therefore legally void. These are now indicated as ‘revoked’ in ECHA’s database and on ECHA’s website.




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