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ECHA to Check the Compliance Status of PCN Notification in 2022

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Helsinki, 5 November 2020. The Enforcement Forum decided that its pilot project in 2022 will focus on how companies comply with their duty to notify hazardous mixtures (e.g. detergents, paints, adhesives) to the Poison Centre Notification portal.

In accordance with Article 45 of CLP Regulation, companies must provide information about the mixtures to relevant national bodies. This information is then made available to poison centres so they can give advice to citizens or medical personnel in the event of a poisoning.

The obligation to notify certain hazardous mixtures placed on the market for consumer and professional use applies from 1 January 2021. The Forum will start preparing its pilot project in 2021 and plans to carry out inspections from the second half of 2022 until mid-2023. The project report is expected in early 2024.

PCN Notification is required under Annex VIII of CLP Regulation. If the mixtures (with physical hazards or health hazards) are to put on EU market, PCN Notification must be completed. PCN Notification is also required for biocidal products and plant protection products and the notification must be completed before the products are put on market.

CIRS warmly reminds that if you are to export mixtures to EU market and the mixtures are classified with physical hazards or health hazards, you must communicate the classifications to your EU importers and downstream users and inform them of the obligations to submit PCN Notification.

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