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Free Webinar: How to Process Grandfathering and DUIN under UK REACH

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On January 1st, 2021 the Brexit transition period came to an end meaning that the UK is now no longer a member of the EU. With the Northern Ireland Protocol making certain aspects of European law applicable to the UK with respect to Northern Ireland, meaning that EU REACH still applies there the focus now comes to the regulations that will apply in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). This change of status for the UK brought about many regulatory changes including, but not limited to, the implementation of the new UK REACH system for companies who wish to do business in GB. As we now have a clearer idea of what is required by GB and non-GB companies under UK REACH, our free webinar will focus on the specific actions required to remain compliant with these new Regulations




Time (Irish Time,GMT)




March 3rd 2021

2:00 - 3:00 pm

Dean Winder

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Main Contents

  • Recap of UK REACH
  • Required information for Grandfathering and DUIN (Downstream User Import Notification)
  • Comply with UK REACH IT-System Walkthrough
  • Practical Tips from CIRS


Dean Winder, Regulatory Consultant in CIRS Europe

Dean Winder is a member of our European office based in Dublin, Ireland. He received his BSc. in Pharmaceutical Science and is currently finishing his MSc. in Organic Chemistry in the Technological University of Dublin. He combines his knowledge of the chemical industry and his research experience to provide regulatory consultancy services, specialising in the industrial chemical sector.


Note: You will receive a link one week and one day before the webinar starts. By clicking that link, you shall be able to join our webinar automatically. Please note that space is strictly limited to a maximum of 100 attendees.

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On PC: IE/ Firefox/ Google Chrome; Windows 2003 or later (You need download the Webex extension when using it.)
On Mobile Service: Free Cisco Webex app from the app store

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