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Happy Children’s Day!

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Children are angels. A world with all the beautiful angels around will be a warm and happy world to live in. And CIRS has created this “world” on the Children’s Day for all the little angels of the CIRS employees.

Angels gathered at CIRS’s Hangzhou Head Quarter making small windmills with the parents. (On the left hand side of the bottom picture, our head of HR dept, Dr. Wen was holding a handmade small windmill as if he has returned back to his childhood.)

After the gathering at CIRS HQ, we took our angels and the parents to our main party place at a café with a fantastic river view near the Qiantang River. We decorated the café with balloons, flowers, lights and candies. Teo (in the lower left picture), was so happy to see all those beautiful things and other little angels in the café. And it would be the most fantastic thing in the world to see the smile from those little angels.

Nice foods were served at the café. While other kids were all enjoying their food, Joy (in the lower right picture) was waiting for his seafood pasta with an expecting look.

Kids were making cookies with their Moms. (We really love Teo, because he is so lovely :), and it seems that he is on every picture that we put here)

Everybody has had a fun time. Come on angels, look at the camera and let’s say “Cheese!”. Teo and Ben were having a hug because both of them had a wonderful time and have made a lot of new friends in this party.

It was great to have all the kids here and make them happy on Children’s Day. We wish all the little angels be happy every day. It is always not just about doing business, it is about sharing. We share our knowledge to anyone who needs it and we share the happiness to all the people around us. We wish a Happy Children’s Day to all the little angels around the world.


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