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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

BIS is a quality management organization in India and it plays an important role in granting quality certification and industry standard for products sold and distributed in India. The BIS product certification system aims to guarantee the quality, stability, and reliability of products, including some chemicals.

The list of chemicals subject to India BIS can be searched here.

Chemicals under BIS

The BIS certification scheme is basically voluntary in nature. However, for a number of products compliance to Indian Standards is made compulsory by the Central Government under various considerations viz. public interest, protection of human, animal or plant health, safety of environment, prevention of unfair trade practices and national security. Some chemicals and petrochemicals have been included in the mandatory BIS certification list, and more chemicals and petrochemicals are expected to be listed in the future.

Foreign manufacturers who want to export their chemicals and petrochemicals to India, shall appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) and get a certificate from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The following requirements shall also be fulfilled by the applicant:

  1. Manufacturing unit should be located outside of India.
  2. Ensure conformity of their product(s) to applicable Indian Standards Specification (ISS).
  3. At the factory premises, all manufacturing machineries and testing facilities should be available.
  4. Product testing equipment’s and quality control personnel shall be available in-house laboratory to test the product as per applicable ISS
  5. Manufacturer should accept the Scheme of Inspection & Testing (SIT) and annual marking fee.
  6. Company/manufacturer should accept the terms and conditions of certificate

Process for BIS Certification

The foreign manufactures of chemicals and petrochemicals shall go through following steps to obtain the BIS certificate before exporting them to India:

  1. Compile all required documents;
  2. Submit the application with required documents to BIS authority;
  3. BIS officers will perform an on-site audit at the factory premises and verify the manufacturing process, testing infrastructure and also test the product in the in-house laboratory of the manufacturer;
  4. Collect samples and send them to BIS-approved Laboratory;
  5. If samples pass testing, the BIS certificate shall be issued after official approval.

Our Services:

  • Consultation and training for BIS;
  • Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) service;
  • Application of BIS certificate;
  • Renewal of BIS certificate;
  • Extension/update of BIS certificate