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Join Us in Quats based Products Task Force

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ECHA has initiated the products authorization under BPR since 2013. Considering deadlines to submit authorization dossiers for products containing Quats (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) under the BPR are expected to arise in 2021 and 2022, depending upon progress in the approval decisions process, CIRS Group, Chemsafe, Steoptoe and Eurofins are now inviting related enterprises to join the QPC Task Force (Quats based Products Chemsafe Task Force). Members of the Task Force can enjoy exclusive all-in-one solutions for BPR challenges on Quats authorization

Manufacturers and formulators of disinfectant products containing one or more of the following three active substances (already listed on Article 95) would benefit from joining the dedicated Task Force:

CAS No.: 68424-85-1 (ADBAC/BKC)

CAS No.: 68391-01-5 (ADBAC)

CAS No.: 7173-51-5 (DDAC)

To illustrate how potential members could benefit from joining a Task Force on Quats authorization, a live webinar will be hosted on 24 Mar. 2021.

Suggested Participants:

Quats are very common active substances used in surface cleaner disinfectants but also for hand disinfectants, as well as other product types. Thus the targeted participants would be: manufacturers and formulators of Benzalkonium chloride disinfectants (ADBAC/BKC) and DDAC-based disinfectants products




15:00 Welcome and presentation

15:10 Overview of Task Force on Quaternary Ammonium Salts and Pre-Task Force activities

Speaker: Francesca Fasano | Chemsafe

15:30 Tips on how to organize a Biocidal product famil

Speaker: Daniela Romano | Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Italy

15:50 Force frame – Legal issues

Speaker: Darren Abrahams |Steptoe

16:10 Task force pattern and next steps

Speaker: Paolo Rossi | Chemsafe

16:30/40 Q&A


Chemsafe, Steoptoe, Eurofins

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