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K-REACH 65 Substances may be Banned from Manufacturing/ Importing from 1 Oct

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South Korea’s Ministry of Environment has issued a list of 65 substances that remained unregistered as of 10 September and urged companies to complete registration before the end of the month.

As of 10 Sep. 2018, 65 substances still have not been registered according to a list released by South Korea’s Ministry of Environment.

The transitional period for these 65 substances ends on 30 September. If related enterprises cannot complete registration before 1 Oct. 2018, these enterprises will face a ban on manufacturing or importing of these substances.

Besides, if related enterprises violate the ban, they may face up to five years of imprisonment or a maximum fine of US$88,600.

The list released by the Ministry of Environment contains substances that need to be registered.

Initially, the priority existing chemicals (PECs) under K-REACH contain 510 substances. 130 of them did not require registration as their tonnages are lower than the expected volumes. After the PECs registration deadline(30 June), 336 substances submitted registration.


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