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In January 2024, the Mexican Congress proposed to amend its General Health Law to prohibit the extraction, production, import, export, sale, or distribution of asbestos and its products in the Mexican market, to safeguard public health and environmental safety. Under the NOM-010-STPS-2014, the 'Exposure Limit Value' (VLE) for any asbestos is set at 0.1 f/cm³(fibers per cubic centimeter). However, the American research believes that this VLE is insufficient to safeguard the public health. Therefore, Mexico is now moving forward with a proposal to ban asbestos products entirely, driven by heightened concerns about public health and safety.
On October 23, 2023, the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER, also Secretaría de Energía) issued a Decree in its Federal Official Gazette to combat the illegal import of fuel. The Decree imposes temporary restrictions on the import of 68 chemicals and petrochemical products. It has entered into effect on October 24, 2023.