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Taiwan to Amend Permit Registration and Approval Regulations for Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances

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On July 11, 2023, Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) published draft amendments to Permit Registration and Approval Regulations for Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances.

Major amendments are as follows:

  1. Prior to applying for the manufacture or use of toxic and concerned chemical substances, the operator must first create a diagram showing the pollution flow of air, water, waste, and toxic substances in the operation site. Additionally, when applying for, modifying, or extending the permits, registration documents, or approval documents, the operator shall apply for, modify, or extend other relevant environmental protection permits (Amendment Article 8).
  2. The municipal and county (city) competent authorities are not allowed to add or change obligations not clearly specified in the regulations, and the matters beyond application, modification, or extension shall not be included in the review. (Amendment Articles 10 and 17).
  3. Adds the issuance time limit after completing the review by the municipal and county (city) competent authorities (Amendment Article 13).

Individuals or institutions who have opinions on this announcement should submit comments to the Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau (Tel: (02) 2325-7399, E-mail: within 30 days from its publication.

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