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The active substance in the scope of the Biocidal Product Regulation shall apply for approval before 1 September 2016

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On 10 May 2016, ECHA stated that the active substances in biocidal products which fall within the scope of Biocidal Product Regulation but were not in the previous directive should apply for the approval before 1 September 2016.

The following two types of active substances should pay attention to this news:

1. Active substances in food contact materials for surface action. Example: antimicrobial substances used on plastic chopping boards to give them an antimicrobial surface (product-type 4, disinfection of material which may have contact with food);

2. In situ generated active substances* with precursors that were not in the scope of the directive because they were not placed on the market, or because no claim was made that these precursors could be used for a biocidal purpose. Example: ozone generated from oxygen from the air (product-type 5, disinfection of drinking water).

The company who sells above products should submit an active substance dossier to ECHA via R4BP 3 before the deadline. If the company fails to apply for the approval of active substance in biocidal products before 1 September 2016, relevant products will be pulled from the shelves after 1 September 2017.

Only the active substances that were available on the EU market or used in biocidal products on 1 September 2013 should meet this obligation.

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