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The European Union Chemical Legislation Finder is Expected to Launch in March

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ECHA plans to launch an online service –European Union Chemical Legislation Finder (EUCLEF)-to help companies to find out how their substances are being regulated in the EU and what legal obligations they have. The service is expected to launch in March.

EUCLEF can help companies identify the legislations that apply to their substances by collecting information from different pieces of legislations and regulatory in one place. Through EUCLEF, companies will have access to a much wider range of legislative information on areas such as:

  • cosmetic products;
  • pesticides;
  • waste;
  • toy safety; and
  • food safety and food contact materials.

EUCLEF will also help the European Commission and national authorities identify substances for which there may be regulatory overlaps or gaps.

When EUCLEF is launched, companies will be able to search for substances by substances' names or by EC or CAS numbers. The search result shows any pieces of legislation relevant to your substance and covered by the service.

ECHA also plans create a EUCLEF landing page on ECHA’s website. This page will list the pieces of legislation covered by the service and not managed by ECHA – 35 at first. Further pieces of EU legislation will be added into the service in the next few years.




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