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The Quality Management System for Chemical Testing Data Officially Took Effect from 1 Apr. 2017

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The Quality Management System for Chemical Testing Data officially came into force on 1 Apr. 2017 and was making a trial run. This system was developed in order to publicize the information of the testing institutions as required by the requirements for strengthening information disclosure.

On 29 Dec. 2016, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) released an Announcement concerning the standardization of chemical testing institutions. This Announcement abolished the name list of the qualified chemical testing laboratories from 1 Apr. 2017. (For more information of the Announcement, please click here)

In accordance with the requirements of the Announcement, testing institutions should release a self-declaration on its complying with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) as well as other detailed information including qualification, equipment and personnel of the institution. At the same time, MEPSCC should assist testing institutions in publishing self-declarations free of charge.

For this reason, MEPSCC released the Quality Management System for Chemical Testing Data on 30 Mar. 2017, which is still under pilot run. Through this system, the testing institution can fill in their information and the public can search for the information filled in by testing institutions.

Information including name, address and legal representative/principal of the testing institution, the eco-toxicological testing program the testing institution can undertake, area of the laboratory, instrument and equipment relevant with eco-toxicological testing, the qualifications acquired by the testing institution as well as the overall situation of personnel in key positions can be found on the system. Meanwhile, information of the testing institutions providing tests to new chemical substance notification will be publicized for public supervision. With all the above information, public may choose an appropriate testing institution for their program.

In order to implement the requirements of strengthening review and supervision on the test data, MEPSCC has built a communication platform. The MEPSCC also has set up some sites where the public can find important notifications, check information, ask questions, etc. MEP will evaluate the data and supervise testing institutions. Relevant results will be released to the public and credit information of testing institutions will be recorded in environmental credit records of the testing institution. Testing data provided by testing institutions with bad credit records may not be accepted any more.

CIRS warmly suggests that enterprises applying for new chemical substance notification in China should pay attention to the public information of testing institutions and choose qualified testing institutions with good reputations. At the same time, enterprises should strictly check the testing methods, data recording, quality control as well as the result judgment to avoid notification failure due to quality of the testing data.

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