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Tracking Chemicals of Concern in Products – SCIP Database Ready for Use

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Helsinki, 28 October 2020, ECHA has launched the SCIP database and companies can submit data on substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in their articles. In accordance with the requirements of the Waste Framework Directive, companies can submit their data as of 5 January 2021. Consumers and waste operators can access and use the data from February 2021 onwards.

Major Updates to SCIP Database

In February 2020, ECHA has launched the prototype, which allows companies to get familiar with the database and test how to submit SCIP notifications. Compared with the prototype, the final version has been changed as following:

  • SCIP Number is available;
  • SVHC List is updated;
  • Guidance documents for SCIP Notification are updated;
  • IUCLID version 6.5 is available;
  • Q&A on SCIP Notification is updated;

The information submitted by companies from 28 Oct. 2020 onwards is used for SCIP Notification and the information submitted before 28 Oct. 2020 will be deleted.

How can a Foreign Enterprise Submit SCIP Notification?

Non EU article suppliers are not obligated by SCIP Notification and are not allowed to submit SCIP Notification. But Non EU companies need to communicate the SVHC information, so that the EU importers can successfully complete SCIP notification.

Non EU suppliers or other third party can enter into a contract with EU importers and act as foreign users. A foreign user is an external user from company B who has been appointed by the LE manager from company A to work for company A. A foreign user can perform actions on behalf of the company that grants him permission to use an account from their own ECHA account.


Articles containing candidate list substances above 0.1% that has been put on market before 5 Jan. 2021: If these articles are not put in market after 5 Jan. 2021, then SCIP Notification is not required;

Articles containing candidate list substances above 0.1% that will put on market from 5 Jan. 2021 onwards: SCIP Notification need to be completed when the products are put on market for the first time;

Articles containing substances listed in SVHC list after 5 Jan. 2021 with a concentration above 0.1% w/w: Suppliers of the articles shall submit SCIP Notification when the substances are listed in SVHC List.

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