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CIRS Summary of attending CBIIC Conference in Suzhou on 23th September

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23th September, on behalf of CIRS, Mr. Harold Xie and Ms. Yolanda YAN of Medical Device BU were invited to CBIIC by Consulate General of Canada, to give a presentation of medical device industry regulation in Suzhou, China.

Attendees included consul and trade commissioners from Consulate General of Canada, Canadian medical device companies, Medical research institute, incubators and investment companies.

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In this meeting, Mr. Harold Xie gave a presentation of medical device regulation which involved classification of medical devices, types of medical device registration declaration, testing of medical devices, clinical trials, the registration process and required dossiers. After meeting, we have received consultations from some companies with the intentions.

CBIIC is a high-end dialogue platform and annual event between the pharmaceutical industry and the investment industry initiated by China pharmaceutical innovation promotion association in 2016. It aims to unite domestic and international pharmaceutical innovation and investment power. According to the medical device regulation of China, Clinical trials are an essential part for foreign medical device companies to enter the Chinese market, especially for those with innovative or breakthrough results. Clinical trials require huge financial support. Therefore, for many small and medium-sized innovative medical device companies, CBIIC provides them with a platform to find investors to support the company to complete research and development, clinical trials and then enter the Chinese market to start sales.

CBIIC also provides a platform for cooperation between medical device companies and other participants to establish further partnerships. CIRS has always been committed to expanding the international market and seeking long-term stable cooperation with overseas medical device companies. CIRS will continue to participate in international conferences and exhibitions related to medical devices, and help overseas medical device products enter the Chinese market, in order to promote the effective transformation of clinically urgent medical device results and promote medical device innovation to serve people's health.


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