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Registration Testing

To register a medical device in China, the Classes II and III medical devices should do registration testing in a testing center with related qualification.

1. Preparation before Testing

- Samples manufactured in compliant with the GMP.

- Product technical requirements.

- Products-related technical materials.

2. Select testing center

Principle: Registration testing shall be conducted in the testing center with medical device test qualification and capable of providing items for the product to be tested.

3. The Processes of Testing

- The applicant/registrant signs a contract with the testing center.

- The applicant/registrant submit product technical requirements and product technical materials , meanwhile , send the samples to be tested to the testing center.

- The testing center undertakes the testing.

- The testing center issues a test report.

According to the latest version of the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices" (Order No. 739) and the "Regulations on Self-inspection of Medical Device Registration (Draft for Comment)", registrants can try to use third-party inspection reports and self-inspection reports for product registration. 


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