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What Are CLV Certificates and CPPIT Certifications? How to Apply?

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The CLV certificate, also known as the Certificate of Free Sale (Spanish: Certificado de Libre Venta, abbreviated as CLV), is one of the essential business certificates for many products entering the international market and is often used for customs clearance and overseas regulatory approvals. The CLV Certificate for pesticides in China is usually issued by the ICAMA of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. In addition to this, foreign authorities may also require Chinese export companies to provide a Certificate of Free Sale and a product registration certificate certified by the CCPIT.

The CCPIT certification is short for the certification issued by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). The international business certificates issued by the CCPIT are based on the application of the parties, according to the provisions of the law, international business practices, customs, and relevant international treaties, following the legal procedures, confirming the authenticity and validity of the activity-related to international business activities with a legal significance.

Which Documents May Require CCPIT Certifications?

Documents eligible for CCPIT certification include commercial invoices, packing lists, contracts, customs declarations, business licenses, health permits, import and export business license approvals, textile license certificates, pesticide registration certificates, production licenses, quality certification certificates, free sales certificates, etc.

Main Uses of CCPIT Certification

  • Proof matters in the transactions of goods trade;
  • Proof matters in service trade activities;
  • Proof matters in technology trade activities;
  • Proof matters in investment activities;
  • Proof matters in international contracting activities;
  • Proof matters in intellectual property activities;
  • Proof matters in foreign-related business litigation activities;
  • Proof matters in maritime activities; and
  • Other proof matters related to international business activities.

How to Apply for CCPIT Certification?

Documents required for CCPIT certification:

  • A copy of the business license;
  • Original or photocopy of the certification document; and
  • An application for a commercial certificate.

Our Services

  • Application for CLV for Pesticides or Co-formulants;
  • Application for CLV for Cosmetics or Similar Products;
  • Application for CCPIT Certification;
  • Embassy Notary and Certification; and
  • Translation Services.

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