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China Customs is to Randomly Inspect Import and Export Commodities not Subject to Statutory Inspection

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21 August 2020, the General Administration of Customs announced that the Customs is to carry out random inspection for import and export commodities that are not subject to statutory inspection.

Commodities subject to random inspection cover:

  1. Import Commodities: children’s wear, stationery, necktie, scarves, pedestal pan, air cleaner, printer, electric water heater, microcomputer, television, monitor, food waste disposer, electromagnetic range, motor vehicle horn, retro refletor for motor vehicles, flexible brake hose for motor vehicle, automotive upholstery, dye, pigment, staining compound, etc.
  2. Export Commodities: simulated ornaments, child's bicycle, baby scooter, electric baby carriage, stuffed toys, electric faucet, etc.

The spot check will be carried out in accordance with the Administrative Measures for the Random Inspection of Import and Export Commodities.

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