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CIRS is to Attend the 2019 Specialty & Custom Chemicals America

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CIRS USA is attending the 2019 Specialty & Custom Chemicals America in Ft. Worth, Texas during 11-14 February 2019.

The 2019 Specialty & Custom Chemicals American 2019 aims to create a forum that narrows the focus and renews the value for chemical industry participants. This event will focus on the chemical products and technologies that have applications across a diverse range of specialty chemical end-uses including adhesives, flavors, plastics, polymers, food, soap, etc. and to help support domestic manufacturing shift.

CIRS USA is located in Washington D.C and established on 1 April 2018, will be acting as the primary agent delivering services to USA clients. It devotes to provide global chemical regulatory compliance services, especially EU REACH and Chinese regulations (chemicals, cosmetics, food, agrichemical and medical devices) to American enterprises. CIRS provides enterprises with chemical regulatory compliance services around the globe, including EU REACH, China REACH and K-REACH.


Mark Jones, Business Development, CIRS USA


Tel.: +1 703 520 1420


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