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CIRS reminds you to check whether your REACH registration number is valid

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According to the latest REACH registration evaluation results released by ECHA, more than 55% of substances with registered tonnage greater than 100 tons need more data at present. To avoid the high cost of supplementary data, some enterprises may take the initiative to apply for cancellation of registration number when they receive the draft decision of dossier evaluation or substance evaluation. In addition, some registrants may choose cease manufacture via REACH-IT. In both two cases, the REACH registration number cannot be used as well.

At present, enterprises can check whether the registration number is valid on the ECHA registration page. If the registration number is listed in INACTIVE column, it means that the registration number is invalid and cannot be used normally. (Web link:

To avoid risks in all-round, CIRS suggests that EU importers may check whether the registration number is valid on the ECHA website when receiving the reach registration number provided by the supplier. Besides, for the registration number provided by non EU enterprises, EU importers shall contact the only representative they appointed to check the validity and status of the registration number.


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