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CIRS will Attend Prague Chemicals Management Cruise (PCMC 2019)

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On behalf of CIRS, Mr. Bryan Zhou, the Deputy General Manager of CIRS Europe and Mr. Xiang Li, the Business Development Manager will attend Prague Chemicals Management Cruise ( ) held on Oct 15th & 16th 2019 in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.

This event is organized by Ecomole Ltd in partnership with CIRS. Experts from ECHA, Czech Environmental authority, Nouryon ( former AkzoNobel), Romanian National Environmental Authority, Ecomole, CIRS, Johns Day etc will attend and give presentations about global chemical regulatory issues. The event will mainly focus on EU REACH dossier updates, Post-Brexit chemical regulations, Authorisations, Notification of chemicals to Poison Centres, Toxicity Assessment, Customs, inspections in different countries and non-EU chemical regulations.

CIRS will attend this event as a joint organizer and exhibitor. Presentation regarding comparison between EU REACH, China REACH and Korea REACH will be shared. Considering the amended K-REACH has been implemented since Jan 1st 2019 and the new draft of China REACH was released in this July for public comments, there is lots of new information could be discussed..

For people who are involved in below fields are highly welcome to attend:

  • Environment, health and safety
  • Business development, sales
  • Procurement, purchasing, sourcing
  • Supply chain management and auditing
  • R&D and product development
  • Corporate strategy and decision-making

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Oct 15th 2019

9:00 – 12:00

Notification of chemicals to poison centres: hands-on training

Tomáš Novotný / EcoMole Ltd.


Welcome on board!

14:00 – 15:30

Quality of information from REACH registrations, updates of REACH registration dossiers. Dossier Evaluation Decisions - actions from SIEF

Catherine Cornu / ECHA


R.R. van Puijenbroek, Sr. Regulatory Affairs Manager, Nouryon ( former AkzoNobel)

15:50 – 16.50

Enforcement of REACH, CLP - how to get ready for the inspections

Maria Mija, Romanian Enforcement Authority


Oldrich Jarolim, Czech Inspectorate, Enforcement Forum Members


Recent developments in the regulatory policy: authorisation, Brexit, Polymer registration, recent case-law related to REACH and BPR

Marco Susnik, Austrian Deferal Economic Chamber WKO,

And Ales Bartl Jones Day

19:00 - 21:00

Networking Cruise with complimentary buffet dinner


Oct 16th 2019

09:30 - 14:00

ConverStations and experience sharing. Topics include:

  • Compliance of registration dossiers;
  • Chemicals disappearing from supply chains;
  • Trends in testing and new methods in toxicity assessment;
  • Substitution of SVHCs with safer alternatives;
  • Experience with customs and inspections in different countries;
  • Post-Brexit chemical regulations;
  • Latest developments in preparation of the database of SVHCs in articles (Waste Framework Directive);
  • Extended Safety Data Sheets - how not to get lost in tons of paper;
  • Sharing data for REACH and UK-REACH;
  • Classification, labelling and SDS management – an everlasting challenge for both small as well as large companies – typical models in SDS management for different players;
  • Notification of chemicals to Poison Centers

Catherine Cornu, ECHA;

Marko Sušnik, UEAPME/WKÖ

Jan Holomek, ReachSpektrum

Tomáš Novotný, EcoMole

Aleš Bártl, JonesDay

Oldřich Jarolím, Czech Environmental Inspectorate

Maria Mija, Romanian National Environmental Guard

Bryan Zhou, CIRS

Welcome to build a connection:

Mr. Bryan Zhou

Deputy General Manager

TEL: +00 353 1 477 3708

Mr. Xiang Li

Business Development Manager

TEL: +00 353 1 477 3707


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