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ECHA Conducts Compliance Checks on Over 20% of REACH Registration Dossiers

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The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has performed compliance checks of approximately 15000 registrations between 2009 and 2023, representing 21 % of full registrations. It is a significant increase compared with 5% in 2019. At the same time, ECHA has also conducted compliance checks on 30% of high-tonnage registered substances (annual production of more than 100 tons).


In 2023, 301 compliance reviews were conducted on more than 1750 REACH registration dossiers involving 274 substances, aiming to supplement potentially missing information to improve the safety of these chemical substances. Thus far, ECHA has made more than 251 data supplement requests to a number of companies.

In the coming years, ECHA will continue its compliance reviews of registered data as a priority. In addition, the Agency will review the impact of the Joint Evaluation Action Plan, aimed at improving REACH registration compliance, and, together with stakeholders, develop new priority areas to work on.

Warm Reminder

CIRS warmly reminds that obtaining a registration number under REACH is only the beginning of compliance, yet not the end of REACH. The relevant enterprise shall revise the registration dossier in case of any change in the registration information, including but not limited to the change of the registered entity, the update of the safety use guide, the adjustment of the use conditions or exposure scenarios, and the update of the substance hazard information.

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