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Echa is to Establish a New Database on Candidate List Substances in Articles by 2021

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A new database on the presence of hazardous chemicals in articles will be established by the end of 2019 for waste treatment operators and consumers by ECHA. The database will comprise information submitted by companies producing, importing or selling articles that contain Candidate List substances.

Information in the database will be available to waste treatment operators and consumers and should help waste operators in treating waste and recycling materials. The goal is to improve the risk management of chemicals during waste recovery and to promote non-toxic material cycles.

The database aims to help consumers make informed choices for safer products. This will also increase pressure to substitute substances of concern.

This database will help strengthen the need for good supply chain communication as foreseen under REACH, where companies have to communicate in the supply chain and notify ECHA about Candidate List substances in articles.

Companies need to submit related information by the end of 2020.

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