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Free Seminar: The Development and Compliance of Chemical Regulations in Mainland China and Taiwan in 2016

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Taiwan Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act (TCSCA) entered into force on 11 Dec.2014, after 5 times of modifications. Article 7-1 of TCSCA requires enterprises to register (submit the dossier) new substances 90 days prior to production or importation. Existing and new substance shall not be permitted to manufacture or import before registration. According to article 2 of registration regulation, registrant has to appoint an agency to do registration. In consideration of confidential business information, foreign enterprises shall require their agency or importer to entrust a third party representative (TPR) to register existing and new chemical substance.

8 March, 2016, WTO officially publicized the Guidance Document of New Chemical Substance Registration in China (draft) for public comments. It is estimated that China Ministry of Environmental Protection will issue the official version of the Guidance at the end of 2016. How does this Guidance make influence on enterprises after it revised? How do enterprises deal with these influences? Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Limited (CIRS) is a leading product safety and chemical management consulting firm providing valued product regulatory compliance service, tailored solutions and original information to help our clients gain competitive advantage by reducing business risks associations with regulatory affairs and removing barriers to entry.

Swiss Safety Institute is a renowned consulting service provider for processing safety risk assessment and powder electrostatic explosion-proof test. Its Taiwan Office, Jointek Technology Corp, has been providing SWISSREACH service for many years. It is the Only Representative (OR) for SWISSREACH of many chemical groups which manufacture upstream raw material of petroleum and chemicals. Meanwhile, Jointek Technology Corp also provides TPR service and agency service for existing and new chemical substance registration

This seminar is jointly hosted by CIRS and Jointek with the purpose of sharing valuable experience with Taiwan industry.

Date:28th July, 2016 (Thursday)

Tel: 07-3800089.

Location: Room No.S103, South Part of Science and Technology Museum. No.720, Ruyi Rd., Sanmin District, Gaoxiong (Map).


Jointek Technology Corp

Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Limited (CIRS)

Who shall attend:

Chemical regulation principals and relevant stake-holders in industry of work safety,

environmental protection&health,

R&D and quality assurance





13:20 -13:30

Opening ceremony and agenda introduction

Mr.Wu Jianxing, General manager

13:30 -14:20

Taiwan chemical regulation management and chemical registration

Mr.Wu Jianxing, General manager

14:20 -15:10

Summary of chemical management in China and its latest updates and compliance suggestions

Ms. Jane Song,

Senior regulatory consultant in CIRS, Manager of Asia-Pacific chemical regulations

15:10 -15:30

Tea break

15:30 -16:20

Compliance and experience of environmental management of new chemical substance in mainland China and interpretation of the update of Guidance (draft) in 2016

Mr. Wang Youran,

Senior technical expert in CIRS, R&D department

16:20 -16:30


All speakers

How to register:

This seminar is free of charge. In order to cover more enterprises in the industry, each company has 2 quotas only. Thanks for your understanding.
The deadline of registration is 25th July, 2016. Please fill in and send the Registration Form to us in advance.

Contact us:

Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Limited (CIRS)
Ms. Jane Song
Tel: (86)571 8720 6590
Fax: (86)571 87206533


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