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Hazardous Chemicals Registration in China

Under the Measures for Administration of Hazardous Chemicals Registration (hereinafter referred to as the “SAWS Order 53”), manufacturers and importers of hazardous chemicals in China shall register hazardous chemicals with the National Registration Center of Chemicals (NRCC) of SAWS prior to manufacturing or importation. The validity of the registration certificate is 3 years and has to be renewed 3 months prior to the certificates expiry date.

Registration scope

Chemicals listed on the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals (2015) and chemicals that meet the determinative principle proposed by the guidance of the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals (2015) shall be registered under SAWS Order No.53. Both substances and mixtures are subject to registration.

Registration body

Domestic manufacturers and domestic importers which are handling hazardous chemicals shall register them accordingly. Please note that companies outside of China cannot register those hazardous chemicals as registration holder directly but can complete the registration through their importers.

Registration info requirements

  1. Classification and labelling;
  2. Physical and chemical properties;
  3. Uses;
  4. Hazard characteristics;
  5. Safety requirements for storage, use and transportation;
  6. Emergency response measures in case of dangerous situations.

Registration procedures 


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