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Interpretation to the Inspection of Hazardous Goods and their Packages

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Importers of hazardous chemicals/ hazardous goods need to clear the customs when they import. But how will the Customs inspect the imported hazardous products? What problems will importers face when they clear the customs? The following is the detailed information.

On 27 Jun. 2019, General Administration of Customs released a notice concerning strengthening the check of the hazardous products and their packaging. Following is the detailed interpretation to the notice:

1. In accordance with requirements of Law on Import and Export Com-Modity Inspection of the People’s Republic of China and Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals in China, exported hazardous goods must complete performance inspection as well as use appraisal for the packaging containers.

Competent authority that can issue appraisal certificate: Entry & exit inspection and quarantine organs (Now by General Administration of Customs).

2. Consignee or agents of imported hazardous chemicals shall declare inspection to the inspection and quarantine institution at the destination of Customs declaration.

3. Imported hazardous chemical products in bulk shall be inspected at the port of entry.

Imported hazardous chemicals in bulk shall be inspected at the port of entry. If the hazardous chemicals are well packaged, then only package inspection will be carried out at the port of entry. The package inspection mainly focuses on:

  • Whether the packages contain hazard label (imported products must contain Chinese hazard label);
  • Whether the safety data sheet (SDS) is attached (Imported products must use Chinese SDS);
  • Whether content of the hazard label and SDS is compliant;
  • It is significant that when the packaged hazardous chemicals arrive at the destination, related enterprises must declare for inspection of hazardous chemicals at the Customs of destination.

4. Exported hazardous chemicals shall complete package and content inspection at the production area.

The inspection at the port of departure mainly focuses on whether the cargo is consistent with the certificate, whether the packages are compliant and whether the notification of products is truthful.

5. Enterprises exporting dangerous goods shall complete package container performance inspection and use appraisal (also known as dangerous packing certificate), to make sure the package is correct, and the packages of the hazardous goods have passed relevant tests and are matching the notified goods.


1. In terms of hazardous chemicals import enterprises:

  • Hazardous chemicals in bulk shall be inspected at the port of entry;
  • Packaged hazardous chemicals shall complete package inspection at the port of entry; and complete cargo inspection at the Customs of destination;

2. In terms of enterprises importing/ exporting of hazardous chemicals (enterprises that import/export hazardous chemicals other than hazardous goods):

  • Packages and contents inspection at the production area

3. In terms of enterprises exporting hazardous goods:

  • Hazardous Packing Certificate shall be provided;

4. In terms of enterprises exporting products that are both hazardous chemicals and hazardous goods:

  • Inspection of packages and contents at the production area;
  • Confirmation of whether the cargo is consistent with the certificate and whether the packages are compliant;
  • Provision of dangerous packing certificate;
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