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Joint Submission and Data Sharing Platform for New Chemical Substance Officially Goes Online

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CIRS has launched the Joint Submission and Data Sharing Platform for New Chemical Substance (China SIEF) to help related enterprises significantly reduce the compliance costs for new chemical substance registration in China.

Through this platform, you may:

  • Search the information of the registered substances as well as the enterprise information;
  • Significantly reduce the registration fee through joint submission and data sharing; and
  • Reduce the compliance cost by selling data.


SIEF originates from EU REACH’s Substance Information Exchange Forum, which aims to facilitate the exchange of information on available data between co-registrants of the same substance.

China MEE’s Order 12 (2020) requires that new chemical substances be registered before their manufacture or import. Article 12 encourages registrants to share new chemical substance registration data. Article 17 also says two or more registrants can apply for joint registration when registering the same chemical substance.

As the enforcement of MEE order 12 strengthens, many domestic and overseas companies are willing to comply with MEE order 12 but could not afford expensive test costs (up to millions of Yuan). Through China SIEF, a platform developed by CIRS, companies can significantly reduce registration costs in China by participating in joint submission and data sharing.


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CIRS is to host a free webinar concerning the new substance registration in China as well as the Chinasief, please click to know more information about it.


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