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Shandong Province to Implement the “One Enterprise, One Product, One Code” Management Rules for Hazardous Chemicals

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The Department of Emergency Management of Shandong Province is to implement the “One Enterprise, One Product, One Code” management rules. After its implementation, every hazardous chemical manufactured and imported by enterprises in Shandong Province must include a safety information code (a unique QR code), to provide support supervision of hazardous chemicals and the efficient transmission of information on hazardous chemicals.

It is imperative for enterprises that manufacture and import hazardous chemicals in Shandong Province to verify, update and supplement information on registration via the integrated service system for registration of hazardous chemicals before September 30. The safety information code will be automatically generated after the information submitted is being approved. Enterprises manufacturing or importing hazardous chemicals shall post the safety information code on the packaging (or outer packaging) of hazardous chemicals, or on the blanks of labels before October 30. Downstream users and relevant personnel such as regulatory authorities and emergency rescue teams can acquire safety information on chemicals by scanning the QR code.

Enterprises must conduct in-depth training on work safety, implement the “One Enterprise, One Product, One Code” management rules and teach personnel how to identify safety information on hazardous chemicals. By doing so, personnel will have a deeper understanding of:

  • physical and chemical properties,
  • stability and reactivity,
  • requirements of safe storage, and
  • precautionary and emergency measures for hazardous chemicals.

And they will further enhance their safety awareness and operation skills.

Shandong Province will accelerate the implementation of “One Enterprise, One Product, One Code” management rules, and improve its regulations to support the implementation of the rules. Manufacturing and operating enterprises of hazardous chemicals shall provide safety information codes to carriers, drivers and escorts when they entrust other companies to transport hazardous chemicals.

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