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Six Necessary Facilities for Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals in China

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Hazardous chemicals are toxic, flammable, and explosive, and they are prone to safety accidents if stored improperly. Therefore, it is vital to store hazardous chemicals according to their properties in sites equipped with necessary facilities and equipment. Here we explain some of the requirements for Hazardous chemical storage in China.

Anti-explosion facilities

Electrical equipment, power transmission and distribution (PTD) and mechanical tools for loading/unloading in warehouses where flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals are stored shall be explosion-proof facilities. If electric metallic tubing is used, metal conduit and screw connector shall be tightly connected. Flexible hoses that are explosion-proof can be used when wiring is difficult in some places.

Lightning protection and electrostatic prevention facilities

At the entrance of a warehouse for flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals, electrostatic discharge prevention devices must be installed. Ventilation fans, rack metal, and other facilities must be equipped with grounding devices to conduct static electricity. Lightning protection and electrostatic prevention facilities shall be kept in qualified condition and checked regularly.

Alarm monitoring facilities

A warehouse storing flammable and poisonous gases must install detectors that can automatically send alarming signals to a manned control room. The alarming devices must be regularly examined or calibrated by a qualified institution.

Ventilation facilities

Warehouses for flammable gases and explosive liquids must be equipped with an emergency exhaust system and explosion-proof exhaust fan. Exhaust pipes must be made of metallic materials and directly jointed to outdoor safety locations.

Anti-overflow facilities

Class A, B, and C Liquids Warehouse must be equipped with facilities to prevent liquids from overflowing. Precautions should be taken to prevent water impregnation if articles susceptible to burn and explode if they become wet are stored in the warehouse.

Fire facilities

Warehouses for hazardous chemicals must be equipped with qualified fire extinguishers. The Fire hydrant, automatic sprinkling system, and smoke vents must not be blocked, and the fire escape must remain open.

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