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South Korea Releases New Regulations to Revise Hazardous Chemicals Labeling Control Act

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On October 4, 2023, in accordance with the Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals, the National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) in South Korea published Notice No. 2023-460 on the revision of Classification and Labeling Regulations for Chemical Substances.

Main revisions

1. Hazard classification and labeling for registered chemicals added.

A. Formulates classification and labeling requirements for 56 hazardous substances, including methacrylic acid; and

B. Adds unique numbers ”2023-1-1119” to ”2023-1-1122”.

2. Revises the classification and labeling of existing hazardous chemical substances.

A. Revises classification and labeling of 15 toxic substances:

  • 97-1-9;
  • 97-1-91;
  • 97-1-119;
  • 97-1-130;
  • 97-1-167;
  • 97-1-271;
  • 97-1-299;
  • 2013-1-669;
  • 2014-1-723;
  • 2017-1-758;
  • 2017-1-760;
  • 2017-1-797;
  • 2018-1-857;
  • 2021-1-1068; and
  • 2022-1-1106.;

B. Revises the unique number “97-1-475” and “97-1-476“ to” 98-1-475” and “98-1-476” respectively;

C. Revises the unique number of two restricted substances “06-5-8” and“06-5-10”; and

D. Revises six emergency preparedness substances: “36”, “51”, “55”, “90”, “92” and “96”.

Please refer to the annex for specific revisions:


This notice will come into effect from the date of its release.

For individuals, institutions, or groups who have comments on this notice, please submit your comments to the NIER (Tel: 032-560-8494, Fax: 032-568-2038) by October 23, 2023. The revision aims to enhance the identification of hazardous chemicals to improve environmental and public safety.

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