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Toxic Chemicals Import & Export Environmental Administration Registration Services

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Import & Export Environmental Administration Registration of Toxic Chemicals

On 16 March 1994, National Environmental Protection Agency (now Ministry of Environmental Protection), General Administration of Customs and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Cooperation jointly released the Environmental Administration Rule for Chemicals Imported for the First Time and the Import & Export of Toxic Chemicals. This Rule was released in order to protect human health and ecological environment, to enhance the environmental administration of the import & export of chemicals and to enforce London Guidelines for the Exchange of Information on Chemicals in International Trade (amended in 1989).

In 2003, the “Registration of Chemicals Imported for the First Time” was replaced by the Measures for Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances. Now, if enterprises need to import/ export chemicals listed in Inventory of Chemicals Strictly Prohibited from Import & Export in China (hereinafter referred to as toxic chemicals), the enterprises should apply for the import & export environmental administration registration of toxic chemicals to the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) before import or export. Both foreign businesses and domestic import & export enterprises should apply for toxic chemicals import registration certificate and import & export clearance notice for environmental administration of toxic chemicals.

Registration Subject

Foreign businesses as well as domestic import enterprises

Domestic export enterprises

Materials Needed for Import & Export Environmental Administration Registration of Toxic Chemicals

For different types of registrations and different enterprises, materials needed for the application of Import Registration Certificate, Import Clearance Notice and Export Clearance Notice of toxic chemicals are different. There are some important documents, such as Toxic Chemicals Import Environmental Administration Registration Certificate Application Form, Toxic Chemical Substances Information Sheet, Toxic Chemicals Import Environmental Administration Clearance Notification Application Form, Environmental Protection Report of the enterprise that needs to use the toxic chemicals as well as the Review List, some Contracts on cargo, Enterprises Legal Person Business License.

Procedures for Judging Registration Necessity and the Registration Types

Flow Chart for Different Registration Types

(1) Procedures for the application of import environmental administration registration certificate of toxic chemicals.

(2) Procedures for the application of Toxic Chemicals Import Environmental Administration Release Notice

(3) Procedure on environmental administration export clearance notice for toxic chemicals

Expense and Cycle

Expense: Import Registration Certificate – 10,000 USD

Import & Export Clearance Notice – free of charge

Cycle for the application of the registration certificate: About 3 months

Cycle for the application of the import & export clearance notice: About 1 month

The time limit for approval

The registration certificate shall be approved within 30 working days after accepting.

Import/export clearance notice shall be approved within 20 working days after accepting.

The valid period of registration certificate is 2 years.

The valid period of Import/export clearance notice is 6 months, and it cannot exceed the valid period of corresponding registration certificate.

The time limit for accepting

5 working days

The time limit for environmental review

15 working days

Our Service

Enterprise environmental protection report

Import registration certificate application

Import clearance notice application

Export clearance notice application


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