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Alibaba Becomes the Application Pilot of Cosmetics Database Launched by CFDA

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On 12th May 2017, 5 officers from the department of drug and cosmetics registration of CFDA went to Alibaba and carried out research work about initiating application pilot work of cosmetics database. Zhejiang FDA health food and cosmetics office and management department of Alibaba group platform participate in this research activity.


T-mall and Taobao conduct compliance audit for registration or record keeping status of cosmetics sold on the platform respectively in July 2016 and February 2017, under the supervision and guides of Zhejiang FDA. Given that there is no authoritative database to support the audit of platform with the increase of large quantity of products, Zhejiang FDA applied to CFDA for opening the cosmetics registration database to the platform to improve the efficiency and accuracy of product access and management effectiveness of platform in the beginning of this year.

After receiving the application from Zhejiang FDA, CFDA confirmed that Alibaba becomes the first application pilot for using cosmetics database in order to accumulate experience for the social co-governance of cosmetics safety.

Zhejiang FDA and CFDA investigating group made a research on the situation of cosmetics sales and data utilization of Alibaba Group. The responsible person of Alibaba Group platform introduced the relevant measures and the difficulty of cosmetic compliance management, and hoped that the database will be open to the public so that the enterprises can make full use of the data resources and ensuring the compliance of the online cosmetics sales effectively.


According to statistics, the network has become an important platform for cosmetics sales. The annual sale of cosmetics can reach $100 billion through Alibaba's Taobao and T-mall websites. With the applicability of the database to the platform, it is expected that the platform can verify whether a cosmetic product has been registered or made record-keeping with the competent authority automatically. This is not only conducive to the implementation of corporate responsibility, but also in line with the concept of social governance.

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