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After the implementation of a bunch of cosmetic regulations in China, NMPA has gradually strengthened its efforts to rectify the cosmetics industry. Many cosmetics companies have been fined for their inappropriate efficacy claims, with the total amount even up to 400,000 yuan. CIRS Personal and Home Care Products Division has summarized the cases of improper claims in recent years and sorted out illegal claims for enterprises’ reference.
On May 31, 2021, NMPA issued the notice on Measures for Administration of Cosmetics Labeling (No.77, 2021), encouraging cosmetics registrants and filers to label cosmetics in accordance with the provisions of the Measures from the date of this announcement. From May 1, 2022, cosmetics applying for registration or filing must meet the provisions and requirements of the Measures; Where cosmetics that have previously applied for registration or been filed fail to be labeled and marked in accordance with the Measures, the cosmetics registrants and filers must complete the updates to product labels before May 1, 2023 to make them conform to the provisions and requirements of the Measures.