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The Results of Spot-check on Sunscreen Cosmetics by CFDA (July-August 2016)

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Recently, CFDA carried out nationwide spot-check on sunscreen cosmetics and found the following problems. 3 batches of sunscreen cosmetics are added excess sunscreen agents and 84 batches have different sunscreen agents with the ones indicated on the hygiene license or label. CIRS China summarizes the results of 2 spot-checks by CFDA.


On 1 June 2016, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) published a notice concerning the Labelling Requirements for the Efficacy of Sunblock (No. 107 of 2016) and notice on the Implementation of Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics (TSSC) (No. 108 of 2016). According to the two announcements, TSSC and the labelling requirements of sunblock will both be officially implemented on 1 Dec 2016. For the details of Notice No. 107 2016 and No. 108 2016, please click here.

Main contents

  • There are 62 manufacturers and trading companies involved. 37 companies from Guangdong Province, 13 companies from Shanghai City, 3 companies from Shenzhen City, 2 companies from Zhejiang Province, 2 companies from Jiangsu Province, 1 company from Beijing City, 1 company from Liaoning Province, 1 company from Fujian Province, 1 company from Guangxi Province and 1 company from Sichuan Province.
  • The 82 batches of cosmetics are domestic cosmetics and 5 batches are imported cosmetics. Only 1 product does not obtain the CFDA license.
  • The sunscreen agents used in actual produced products are different with the ingredients indicated on hygiene license or label.
  • One domestic cosmetic claimed as imported cosmetic.

CIRS Comments

  • According to the published results, most sunblock have obtained the CFDA license. The problem is that the actual using sunscreen agents are not included in the registered formulation.
  • Normally, sunblock need multiple sunscreen agents mixed to achieve better effect of sun block. The involved company used single sunscreen agent instead of compound sunscreen agents, which leads the actual efficacy weaken than the claiming efficacy.
  • These two inspections show the CFDA’s attitude on supervision of cosmetic market. Official surveillance and self-discipline of enterprises would be the main mode for the government to manage the current cosmetic market.


  1. Notice on the Implementation of Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics (TSSC)
  2. Notice concerning the Labelling Requirements for the Efficacy of Sunblock
  3. Notice on 3 Batches of unqualified Sunblock Products
  4. Notice on the Inconsistence of Sunscreen Agents Used between Actual Produced Formulation and Registered Formulation or Claimed Efficacy Ingredients on the Label
  5. The Technical Safety Standards for Cosmetics (2015) Will Come Into Effect by Dec 2016

Download for More Details of Inspections

  1. The Detailed Information of Sunblock Products in 84 Batches (actual used sunscreen agents not consistent with the identified ingredients in formulation and label)
  2. The Detailed Information of Unqualified Sunblock in 3 Batches


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