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CFSA Opened Public Comment for Haematococcus Pluvialis Oil

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On 28 December 2020, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) opened public comment for Haematococcus pluvialis oil, the deadline for public comments is 28 January, 2021.

Details are as follows:


Haematococcus pluvialis oil

Basic information

Source: Chlorophyta, Volvocales, Haematococcus Pluvialis

Production process

Select and breed excellent Haematococcus pluvialis algae species for artificial cultivation, harvest the Haematococcus pluvialis spores, made it through cell disruption and extraction.

Recommended intake

≤240 mg/d

Quality requirement


Crimson oily liquid

Total astaxanthin content

≥ 5%

All-trans-Astaxanthin content/ Total astaxanthin content

≥ 70%

Other information

1. The scope of use does not include infant and young children food.

2. Food safety indicators are implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of vegetable oil. In addition, the content of microsystin (LR, RR, YR) < 1 μg/kg


CFSA Opened Public Comment for Haematococcus pluvialis oil