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Draft of Administrative Measures on Infant Milk Powder Product Registration Issued

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SAMR issued the draft of Administrative Measures on Infant Milk Powder Product Registration on June 26, 2019 for public comments, the deadline is July 25, 2019.

Compared with the current version, the changes of the draft can be concluded as the following five:

1) More detailed requirements on product registration

e.g., applicants are required to have a complete manufacturing process

2) Further intensify punishment for violations of regulations

e.g., applicants in the list of enterprises with serious violation of laws and bad faith will not be accepted or registered

3) Make the registration work more efficient

e.g., to give legal effect to the e-cert (registration certificate)

4) Further clarify procedures and timelines of the responsible work

e.g., clarify the procedures and time limits of the on-site inspection procedures

5) Adjust several department names and text expressions

e.g., change "CFDA" to "SAMR"

To conclude, in terms of revising the “Measures”, it is for the purpose of improving the efficiency of administrative work of product registration, clarifying the requirements on some materials, and specifying the responsibility of enterprises.


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