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Food Production Operators shall Take the Main Responsibility of Traceability System

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To control food safety risks and to protect consumers' rights and interests, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) offered advices on promoting food traceability system on 27 September 2016. These advices are based on Food Safety Law and 2015 The State Council General Office Document No.5. The highlights are concluded as follows:

First, Food traceability system is an important part of food quality and safety management system and food production operators shall take the main responsibility to establish it. With a food traceability system, food production operators can achieve all the product information searchable including the origin of raw materials, production process, purchase and sales records, etc. Besides, this system can help to recall the problematic products and find out the causes quickly when quality and safety problems occur.

Second, food production operators shall record the raw materials purchase, production process, product inspection and sales information faithfully to ensure the data is true, accurate, complete and traceable. In principle, food production operators shall use information technology to establish traceability system. Food production operators who not have this condition can achieve traceability by paper record, and the shelf life of paper records shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law.

Third, CFDA encourages third parties to provide professional information technology for food production operators. Besides, CFDA encourages industry associations to set up traceability information inquiry platform, to provide data support for regulatory authorities, data sharing for production operators and information inquiry for the public.

In addition, local CFDA will urge food production operators to implement the product traceability responsibility, including raw material source records, production process records, purchase and sales records. For those who fail to perform the duty of traceability responsibility, CFDA will give punishment in accordance with the law.

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