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CIRS food division group provides customized food regulation consulting services for clients. All questions and problems related to the Chinese food regulations can be answered and solved by our fully experienced group members.


  1. Common prepackaged food (e.g. dairy products, beverages, chocolates, etc.);
  2. Infant food (e.g. infant formula milk powder, infant complementary food, etc.)
  3. Functional health food (e.g. herbal products, fish oil products, probiotics products, etc.);
  4. Nutrient supplements (vitamins and minerals products);
  5. Food for special medical purposes (e.g. infant formula, nutritionally complete, etc.)
  6. Food additives and food raw materials;
  7. Food-related products (e.g. food contact material, food contact additives, etc.)
  8. Other food regulatory compliance consulting in China;
  9. Food regulatory compliance consulting in other countries or territory (e.g.EU, USA, Southeast Asia, etc.)
  10. Other regulatory consulting (e.g. chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices, etc.).


  • Removing language and cultural barrier;
  • Avoiding hiring full-time staff and lowering your compliance costs for China;
  • Product regulatory compliance check & advice;
  • Having local regulatory affairs staff clarifying your questions, analyzing the impact of any new Chinese food regulations on your business and communicating with authorities in China;
  • Accessing CIRS's food Newsletter and all presentations free of charge.

Service fee:

1. Annually services:




USD 1500

USD 2700


Max 12 hours

Max 24 hours

2. Hourly services:

Price: USD 150 per hour


Food Regulatory Update Monitoring

Food Regulation Training


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