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Since 2018, with the encouragement of Chinese government on imported products, more and more foreign companies actively export their food products into China. However, because of language and cultural barrier, it is difficult for foreign companies to understand Chinese regulations. CIRS Food Division is focusing on Chinese food regulations, and providing the food regulatory update monitoring service to help foreign companies get closer to Chinese food regulations. The details of this program are as following:

Categories of food and food related products

General food


Grain and grain processed products, Dairy products, Beverage, Edible oil, Chocolate & chocolate products and candy etc.

Special Food


Functional health food, Nutrition supplement, Foods for special medical purposes (FSMP), Infant food, etc.

Food Contact Materials (FCM)


Food contact plastic and articles, Food contact paper, Food contact coating, Food contact rubber, etc.

Service on “Food Regulatory Update Monitoring Program”

  • Deliver monthly regulation update report to clients in the end of the month;
  • Information of the updated drafted and formal laws, regulations, national standards, and official notices regarding the selected food category will be provided;
  • Regulatory compliance issues pertaining to the selected food category will be focused and listed;
  • Detailed influence and corresponding CIRS suggestions and official suggestions from relevant governments will be listed.

Benefits of “Food Regulatory Update Monitoring Program”

  • Remove language and cultural barrier;
  • Avoid hiring full-time staff and lowering your compliance costs for China;
  • Realize the change of Chinese food regulations in time;
  • Have local regulatory affairs staff analyzing the impact of new Chinese food regulations on your business and communicating with authorities in China;
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