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Formula Review on Pre-packaged General Food


According to Administrative Measures on Import and Export Food Safety (GACC Order No. 249) issued in 2021, companies shall make sure that the pre-packaged general food (food & beverages) has an applicable Chinese GB standard, and the formula of the food & beverage is compliant with the Chinese regulations and national standards.

Therefore, companies must evaluate the applicable Chinese GB standards and check the formula compliance before exporting food & beverage to China.

A new standard application and new food raw material/new food additive registration is time-consuming and costly. It’s much more convenient to use approved food ingredients to produce imported pre-packaged general food (food & beverages) with existing GB. Therefore, companies shall evaluate the applicable GB and check the formula compliance before exporting food & beverages to China.

Who Shall Do the Formula Review?

  • Foreign manufacturers of food & beverages

  • Foreign exporters and other companies selling food & beverages

  • Importers and distributors of imported food & beverages in China

Our Services

  • Evaluation of applicable product GB in China

  • Formula regulatory compliance check