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New Filing System of Imported Food Importer and Exporter

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Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) released the Notice on AQSIQ Starts Using the Updated Filing System of Imported Food Importer and Exporter in August.

Stipulations in the Notice


Main Points


The new filing system will be applicable after 1 October, 2015. Exporter and importer could apply the notification through


Exporter and importer should be responsible for the information provided when filing. AQSIQ is in charge of publishing the exporter and importer who have completed the filing.


Importers are required to keep records on import and sales details.


Importers are required to indicate the name and filing code of exporter and importer in the inspection form and provide the previous record on import and sales details.

Background of upgrading the notification system

1. To comply with the requirements on New Food Safety Law.

2. To simplify the filing the record on import and sales details for importer.

3. To strengthen the supervision on imported food and realize the traceability system.

Significant changes compared to the old system


Significant changes


The filling function for imported food manufacturer is added.


The importing function for imported food inspection information is added.


The maintenance function of the record on import and sales details is improved.


The inquiry function of food supervision information is improved.


The print function of record on import and sales details is added.

PS.1. It is unnecessary to conduct the filling for oversea manufacturer who has already registered in AQSIQ. Actually, registered manufacturers refer to the manufacturers of dairy product, meat product, aquatic product and cubilose.

2. Oversea manufacturer is recommended to authorized importer or agent to fill the information.

3. Importer filling includes the actual consignee filling and the company filling who is authorized to sign the trade contract by actual consignee.

Reference regulations for the new filling system

The new system will be put into trial implementation from 14 to 30 September, 2015 and it will come into force on 1 October, 2015. Relevant food companies shall pay great attention to the new system.


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