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Nutrition Test and National Standard (GB) Compliance Test


According to the revised Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China (President Order No. 21) issued in 2020 and Administrative Measures on Import and Export Food Safety (GACC Order No. 249) issued in 2021, both domestic and imported food & beverages shall comply with the quality and hygienic test requirements in the applicable Chinese National Food Safety Standards (GB).

Imported food & beverages will be rejected or destroyed if the goods tested are considered unqualified by GACC after casual inspection. In addition, food & beverages will be recalled, and the responsible parties punished if the products are tested unqualified by SAMR casual inspection.

Who Shall Do the Test?

  • Foreign manufacturers of food & beverages.

  • Foreign exporters and other companies selling food & beverages.

  • Importers and distributors of imported food & beverages in China.

Our Services

  • Nutrition test (protein, fat, carbohydrates, sodium);

  • GB compliance test (e.g., heavy metal, microorganism, etc.)