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Training Course: Chinese Food Contact Materials Regulations on 13 September

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This online training course will give companies valuable and up to date information on the complex regulations governing food contact materials (FCMs) in China.

The course will provide a basic understanding of the most important regulations in the country, and discuss several standards that are currently under revision. It will help companies identify their obligations, and highlight which FCMs they need to register with the authorities.


Chemical Watch


9:00-11:30 BST (London), 13 September 2021



Registration Fee

£320 GBP


Introduction to the latest Chinese FCM regulations and how to comply with them This course will:

  • Introduce what is considered a food contact material in China?
  • Introduce China’s FCM regulatory (standard) system;
  • Talk about standards under revision;
  • Analyse drafted standards (for example those for ink and composite materials);
  • Demonstrate how to make an FCM comply with Chinese regulations;
  • Introduce the positive list (GB 9685, standard for the use of additives in FCMs and articles) and GB 4806.1-2016 (general safety requirements on FCM’s and articles); and
  • Explain how to issue the declaration of compliance (DoC) document.

How to apply to China (NHC) and add a new food contact resin or additive onto a positive list (GB 9685). This course will:

  • Introduce the registration regulations and the authorities relating to them;
  • Introduce the registration process and timeline;
  • Look at the registration documents and clarify the key points;
  • Explain the test required for registration; and
  • Provide a summary of newly approved food contact substances.


Jessie Shen

Marketing Manager of Food Division / Senior Food Regulatory Consultant, Hangzhou REACH Technology Group Co., Ltd. (CIRS Group)

Cathy Yu

General Manager of Food Division / Senior Food Regulatory Consultant, Hangzhou REACH Technology Group Co., Ltd. (CIRS Group)


On clicking “here” to link to Chemical Watch’s web, and you will be able to book the training course of Chinese Food Contact Materials Regulations.


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