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Guideline on Market Access for Medical Device in China is a report drafted by CIRS Group- Medical Device BU to help companies and individuals who would like to sell their medical devices to the People’s Republic of China and get their medical device products registered with NMPA. The guide describes key definitions, main regulations, authorities of the medical devices in China, and also the requirements of the whole life-cycle of medical devices including pre-registration preparatioin, registration process, testing/inspection, clinical evaluation, QMS and post-market management.
On April 16, 2021, the National Medical Products Administration released the "Guiding Principles for the Classification and Definition of Radio Frequency Beauty Products" for comments on the solicitation of "Guidelines for the Classification of Radio Frequency Beauty Products". According to the definition of the properties of the draft, it claims that radio frequency beauty can reduce spots and wrinkle. Such equipment is classified as medical device management. Medical devic
Q: How to determine the servicelife of active medical devices? what factors should be considered? A: The manufacturer should dynamically evaluate the service life of the product through risk analysis in the whole life cycle of the product. When there is no unacceptable risk within the service life of the product after listing, the expected service life determined before listing can be maintained; or the expected service life determined before listing can be extended after re
Q: What are the requirements for adding models or accessories in the Change of Permission Items? A: The contents contained in one registration certificate shall comply with the requirements of "Guidance of registrtaion units division for medical device". Whether it is able to add models or accessories into the registration certificate of registered products depends on the difference between the new model and the original model, as well as the relevance between the new access
In 2020, the National Bureau conducted unannounced inspections on 89 medical device manufacturers, including 44 IVD companies, 16 sterile product companies, 11 active device companies, 9 implant product companies, 3 denture companies, and 3 independent software company and 3 other companies. The reasons for unannounced inspections are compliance inspections, special inspections, unqualified random inspections, complaints and reports, and occurrence of adverse events. The res
1. Q: Imported active medical device includes a variety of configurations when marketed in original country, but only part of the configurations was seleted when submitting in China. will it be accepted? A: When imported medical devices is submitted registration in China, the scope of application of the medical device shall not exceed the scope when approved in the orginal country. If only part of the configuration is submitted, and the submitted part can be applied independ