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Free Webinar Series: Custom Clearance for Chemicals and the Latest Updates to EU and Asian GHS Regulations

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Whether you are new to the world of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, and crossover with the customs regulations when importing or exporting chemicals across international borders, or you just want a refresher, then this free webinar series is for you.

Our team will cover the latest updates to GHS regulations in Europe (EU CLP) and Asian Pacific countries, providing you with background and practical tips from our extensive knowledge.

Guest speaker Conor Monaghan, the Global Head of Operations at Customs Complete, will also delve into the world of customs regulations and the crossover with chemical regulations when importing or exporting across international borders.

This convergence is particularly important because chemicals are subject to both customs controls and specific regulations that ensure their safe handling, use, and environmental impact.

The proper classification, documentation, packaging, labeling, permits, and compliance with safety standards are key areas where customs procedures and chemical regulations intersect. Both aspects are vital to ensuring the safe and legal movement of chemicals while promoting international trade.




Time (BST)





September 20.

2:00 pm

The latest updates to EU CLP.

Dean Winder



September 25.

2:00 pm

The crossover between customs and chemical regulation.

Conor Monaghan



October 2.

2:00 pm

Updates to GHS Regulations in Asian Pacific Countries.

Dean Winder


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September 20: The latest updates to EU CLP

Main contents

  • Latest updates to EU CLP – Regulation 2020/878;
  • The new classifications under EU CLP; and
  • Practical tips from CIRS.

September 25: The Crossover Between Customs and Chemical Regulation

Main Contents:

  • The importance of harmonized system (HS) codes and classification;
  • Incoterms and how they impact your business; and
  • Streamlining your customs declarations.

October 2: Updates to GHS Regulations in Asian Pacific Countries 

Main Contents

  • The background of GHS regulations in Asia Pacific countries;
  • Updates to regulations in Asian Pacific countries including China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia; and
  • Take home compliance tips from CIRS.


Dean Winder, senior regulatory consultant, CIRS Europe

Mr. Dean Winder is a member of our European office based in Dublin, Ireland. He received his BSc. in Pharmaceutical Science and is currently finishing his MSc. in Organic Chemistry in the Technological University of Dublin. He combines his knowledge of the chemical industry and his research experience to provide regulatory consultancy services, specialising in the industrial chemical sector.

Conor Monaghan, Global Head of Operations at Customs Complete Ltd.

Conor Monaghan is the Global Head of Operations at Customs Complete Ltd and manages Customs Clearance and International Trade issues for companies worldwide.


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