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Indian BIS Released the Draft Standard on Paints and Enamel Materials

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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is receiving comments on draft standard “ready mixed paint, air drying, red oxide-zinc chrome painting-specification” until 11 May 2022. This Draft has extended the limit of lead restriction in household coatings to industrial applications.

To prevent lead exposure of children and adults and consequent adverse impact on human health and safety and because of further scope for children’s exposure to the dried paint surfaces, the lead restriction up to a maximum permissible limit of 90 ppm was prescribed. Furthermore, majority of consumers are not aware of the consequence of lead toxicity and its long-term implications to human health. Therefore, along with lead restriction requirement, a suitable cautionary notice was included in the marketing clause.


  • This Standard prescribes requirements methods of sampling and test for the material commercially known as ready mixed paint, air drying, red oxide-zinc chrome priming.
  • The material is used as a primer in the painting system normally followed for enamels for metal surfaces. It is used for the protection of steelwork for household and decorative purposes and also both under marine and inland outdoor conditions.
  • This paint is not recommended to be used on household articles such as grills, shutters, metal furniture, LPG cylinder, etc, due to toxicity of chrome primer. It is recommended that proper precautions to be taken during application.

The pigments used in the manufacture of the material shall consist of ingredients mixed in proportions by mass, specified below.

  • Zinc chrome (by mass), 16 percent, which shall correspond to chromic anhydride contents of a minimum 6.88 percent (by mass) and 5.84 percent (by mass) of zinc oxide;
  • Minimum mass content of synthetic and natural red oxides of iron is 50%.

If the draft is approved, it would be the fourth revision to the (IS) 2074, which is also known as “ready mixed paint, air drying, red oxide-zinc chrome priming specification”. Products that meet its requirements can apply for ISI Certification and attach the ISI mark on the packaging.

Introduction to the ISI Certification

The full name of ISI certification is Indian Standards Institution, which is the most stringent type of BIS certification, including factory audits and product testing. ISI certification has a mandatory product catalogue covering building materials, chemicals, household appliances, medical equipment, vehicle parts, food, etc. Products listed in the ISI mandatory catalogue must obtain a license granted by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) before they can be placed on the Indian market. The initial ISI certification is valid for 1 year, and the renewal can be extended to 1-5 years.

Manufacturers based outside of India need to designate an authorised Indian representative (AIR) to complete the ISI certification.

ISI Certification Procedures

It takes about 60-180 days to complete the ISI certification. View the process below:


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