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Cosmetics Notification in South Korea

Cosmetics in Korea are mainly regulated by the Cosmetic Act, Enforcement decree and Enforcement Rule of the Cosmetics Act.

According to the Article 2 of the Cosmetic Act, cosmetic means, “any item intended to be used by means of spreading, rubbing, spraying on or otherwise applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness or brightening the appearance, or maintaining or improving the health of skin and hair, which have light effects on the human body.” 

Any person who intends to import, distribute, and sell cosmetic products must register as a Market Authorization Holder (MAH) with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). In order to sell cosmetic products, it is mandatory for MAH to submit a notification to the Korean Pharmaceuticals Traders Association (KPTA).

All the imported cosmetics must be tested when clearing the customs. The test shall be carried out by LOT number. (Even if it has same formula with same manufacturer, when the LOT number is different it is regarded as different product, so it must be tested again. Once the product is tested and passed the quality test, the test can be exempted if it is imported again with same LOT number as before.)

Who Shall Register?

  • Domestic or overseas cosmetic manufacturers/distributors who export cosmetics to KR

  • Importer of cosmetics in KR

Our Services

CIRS China can act as a technical provider for foreign and domestic cosmetic manufacturers or distributors who want to export cosmetics to KR to notify cosmetics so as to comply with the Cosmetic Act.

Our services include:

KR Cosmetics Notification

  • Formula and label review

  • Being Market Authorization Holder

  • Full dossier preparation and submission

  • Standard custom clearing schedule report

  • Testing application