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Functional Cosmetics Notification in South Korea

Cosmetics in Korea are mainly regulated by the Cosmetic Act, Enforcement decree and Enforcement Rule of the Cosmetics Act.

According to the Cosmetic Act, functional cosmetic means: (a) A product aiding in the whitening of the skin; (b) A product aiding in improving wrinkles in the skin; (c) A product aiding in tanning skin gently or protecting skin from ultraviolet rays; (d) A product aiding in changing or removing the color of hair, or nourishing hair; (e) A product aiding in preventing or improving dryness, splits, loss, cornification, etc. resulting from weakened functions of skin or hair.

Any person who intends to import, distribute, and sell cosmetic products must register as a Market Authorization Holder (MAH) with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). In order to sell cosmetic products, it is mandatory for MAH to submit a notification to the Korean Pharmaceuticals Traders Association (KPTA). 

Basically, the process of functional cosmetics registration is almost same with that of cosmetics notification. Besides the normal test, the functional cosmetics need to be tested with more test items (concerning the functions) and it must be approved by MFDS.

The dossiers related to the functions must be submitted besides those which are nearly the same as that of cosmetic notification.

Who Shall Register?

  • Domestic or overseas cosmetic manufacturers/distributors who export cosmetics to KR

  • Importer of cosmetics in KR

Our Services

CIRS China can act as a technical provider for foreign and domestic cosmetic manufacturers or distributors who want to export cosmetics to KR to notify functional cosmetics so as to comply with the Cosmetic Act and Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

Our services include:

KR Functional Cosmetics Notification

  • Formula and label review

  • Being Market Authorization Holder

  • Full dossier preparation and submission

  • Standard custom clearing schedule report

  • Testing application